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Our desire behind the Kafkamachine project is mainly to experiment and study a possible organization for coming communities at a moment when such a project seems totally impossible. We wish to produce becomings that would summon a people with whom minor organization connects. Kafka machine is a metamodel.

The starting point is the project plan Guattari wrote during the 1980s (and only recently published under the title Projet pour un film de Kafka) to use it as a tool: we use the project organization and production method outlined in the plan as a general backbone and coordinating device for the project. Yet Guattari’s visualizations and directions concerning the actual scenes need to be rethought starting from our own premises, problems, hopes, fears and existential territories, our precarious life at the mercy of arbitrary power.

Kafka machine works in three dimensions (it is a cartographic machine, a metamodellization machine):

1. It maps, studies and analyses the problematics and refrains of biopolitical economy and arbitrary power and our existence at their mercy;

2. It develops practices and experiments of cooperation and organization (scenes) that are able to make our existence more habitable and create processual openings;

3. It searches for a coming cooperation, a potential public, a public yet to come, with whom to connect through engaging sensibilities and by producing new affects.

The ultimate aim of Kafkamachine is to build movement from analysis (map building) to experimentation (exercises of production) to contribute to the dynamic structuring of the unfolding event (the machine).

(from Kafkamachine Manifesto, December 2010)