PERFORMING ARTS FORUM, December 12-19 2010


During the first workshop we hope to produce together two things: the first set of material for the script and the first draft of the project plan. We think we are all sets of specific singularities. For the first workshop we want to bring together people working on Guattari, Kafka’s oeuvre, but most of all on our life at the mercy of arbitrary power, from our own perspectives, capturing our own field of desire.

Let’s try to bring these desires and these fields to light. Let’s think about their anatomy. Guattari’s advice is that only a group which brings together people with different points of view and sets of specific singularities will be able to contribute in ways that make themes and meanings that tend to impose themselves explode.


In the mornings we will have time for creating and sharing raw materials, ideas, feelings, imaginaries, fears, attitudes, expectations, experiences, using any kind of form and material of expression (discussion, sound, text, film, drawing, reading…). Here we will collect gestures, tones, tunes, shades, refrains, small sentences, small parables, small sequences, raw matter, ingredients for our KAFKAMACHINIC-soup. Every day we hope to cook from fresh raw materials (we wo’t follow just one line from the beginning). This is the place of digging and planting seeds you have dreamed about. Time for sensing and listening, for germinating and sprouting.


Then every day follows the cartography phase or the metamodellization phase. In the afternoons we wish to proceed with two things:

a. To develop and grow our seeds for the script. To capture their molecular elements, the seeds of organization and rhythm. We try to sense and map relations of intensities, start to follow them, and create more detailed and fertile environments for our ingredients. To grow and cultivate ideas, intensities, relations, themes from the mornings, to start following their patterns. Environments in which the raw thoughts and sensations can live and grow and connect, and explode. We try out what tastes, what starts to form shapes, patterns, diagrams. We draft sketches of sensibility for our script.

b. To write together the project plan. The project plan is the form or environment for keeping ideas, patterns, themes, feelings, tunes alive. This is the development of a working form, a machine. To keep us alive. Which is the KAFKAMACHINE. How do we create together? How is it that we remember? How do we forget? How to connect to a memory of another person? What will be the methods? And what will be the organization? What will happen in 2011? And in 2012? And in 2013?

(from Mollecular’s working plan, Dec. 2010)


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